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Boat Detail

We'll start up on the roof...washing and scrubbing the roof and everything attached to it. The entire RV or trailer gets completely washed; bugs, minor tar & road film are removed. Tires and rims are cleaned. Excessive bugs, tar and soil are removed at a reasonable extra cost. Polishing your aluminum rims is done at a considerable extra expense as it is difficult and time consuming. 303 Aerospace Protectant is applied to your tires to keep them from drying out and cracking.

When performing an Exterior Detail on your rig, your entire RV or trailer is washed, machine buffed/polished, and then waxed from top to bottom with a Carnauba / Hi-Tech blend wax that will leave it feeling like silk. The next bug that lands on it is gonna slip and fall and break his neck.

We use much different chemicals and buffing pads on fiberglass than what is used on your car's paint in order to make it look right and to last for an extended period of time. Your typical auto detailer knows little about the difference between paint products and fiberglass type products. This is likely why our work looks much better than theirs and lasts longer, too. You'll get your money's worth with us.

We'll sparkle all of your exterior windows, the interior windows of the driver compartment, use a damp towel to dust your dash & instrument panel, and an interior vacuum is complimentary if needed and requested. Moderate to heavy oxidation (sun damaged, faded fiberglass) is removed at an additional cost, as it takes more time, effort, chemicals and buffing pads. Fiberglass takes much more abuse than your car's paint, and I highly recommend you call us to polish and wax your RV or trailer even before it "looks like it needs it" for the best, most desireable results and long-lasting protection. Heavily and even moderately oxidized RVs and trailers are often difficult to bring back when allowed to deteriorate for too long.   as well as very different polishes

Complete interior detailing is available for your RV as is a simple wash, or a wash and hand wax. We are a "full service" outfit, and for the past 23 years we've been providing fast, friendly and thorough service for ALL of southern California.

Show Cars, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Aircraft, Etc.

Over the years we have done so few of these vehicles compared to the cars, trucks, boats RVs and big rig trucks and trailers, that I have chosen not to dedicate an entire page to each one. If you've been through the rest of our website, I think you'll know what to expect when we Detail ANYTHING you put in front of us. From a bicycle to a yacht, there's nobody more thorough than us! To see a photo gallery of some of the things we've done, some of them quite unusual, [ CLICK HERE ]

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