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About Us / Why Choose Us?

Lightning Auto, Boat & RV Detail is a mobile detailing business located in Orange County, CA since November of 1989, and is owned and operated by Paul Burner. We cover ALL of the Orange County area as well as most of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties, and soon to be in Lake Havasu City, AZ. We serve all harbors, marinas, boat & RV storage facilities from L.A. to San Diego and to my knowledge, no other detailing company does this! We will also come to your home or office and take good care of you there.

We specialize in, and are true experts with black, red and other dark colored vehicles, as well as the big, tough jobs that most of our competitors can't or won't do; RVs, boats, big rig trucks & trailers, 5th wheel and travel trailers, construction equipment, yachts, and even aircraft. We are quite experienced in cleaning engines and engine compartments in cars, trucks, boats and RVs, and doing it as environmentally safe and clean as possible. We do it ALL, and we come to YOU!

We promise fast, friendly, professional service and use only the finest of methods and products available. We welcome vendors who sell 'new and improved' products and chemicals; especially those that are environmentally clean and safe, and of excellent quality. We do our best to keep your cost down, but our main goal is to do an absolutely incredible job. Discount detailers are a dime a dozen, and they're everywhere. Most of them do a substandard job for a cheap price, and we don't want to be like THEM. Our work will look better and last longer than theirs, and is therefore a MUCH better value.

To see a photo gallery of some of the things we've done, some of them quite unusual, [ CLICK HERE ], or you can skip the photo gallery now and find the link to it on another page. A good number of Testimonials can be seen by [clicking here] or you can find the link to the Testimonials Page on our Home Page.

To summarize, we promise to deliver the finest, friendliest, most dependable service money can buy at a reasonable price. Our work will outlast the work of the 'discount guys,' therefore we are a much better value, and you will save money by choosing us over the 'discount guys' because of the durability of our workmanship. We will give you important after care instructions so you'll know how to clean your own vehicle or boat properly. We want your vehicle to look it's best for as long as possible, as you'll be more likely to call us in the future, and feel happy and confident to pass us on to friends and family.

Note: We are seeking extremely experienced detailers as we grow. E-mail me with your expert qualifications. We do not hire illegal immigrants. All our employees are U. S. citizens.

Above are photos of the underside of the hood of a 1990 white Seville we detailed for Jim Estes. He gave us the following review: Hey Paul and team, just a note to tell you how extremely satisfied I was with your detail on my old Cadillac. I have to say that this 20 year old car looks and shines just like when it was showroom new. You are truly an expert and I will certainly be using your services again. I would highly recommend your services because of results, professionalism, and total competency. Thanks again for an amazing detail job!

Testimonials like the above are what I have worked for every day for the past 23 years. To get letters like this, and to see the look on people's faces when we are finished with their car, truck, boat, or RV is so very satisfying, that it makes my job not really a job, it's more like a fulfillment that pays me in many different ways. Sure, I could be a "discount bozo" and do my job for half price like a lot of other ding-dongs who advertise on the Internet and elsewhere, but when you get testimonials like the ones from Chief Hall, Fred Arnow, Jim Estes, or the dozens of other testimonials that pack my website and photo album full, why would I want to ? Don't go anywhere else...try us and you won't regret it.

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The Corvette above is owned by Andy Hall, former Westminster Chief of Police. We detailed three cars for him on 11/08/09 and the following is the note that he emailed to me along with the above photos: Paul, my thanks to you and the guys for your fine work on my three vehicles this past weekend. You showed up right on time and finished when you had predicted. Most importantly, however, you lived up to every claim made in your ad. The work was very thorough and very detailed. You and your team spent a total of 12 man-hours on those cars and it truly shows. I've attached some photos you are welcome to share. I look forward to having you return every four months to keep these cars looking beautiful for years to come. The Corvette is a 2001, and you took a great eight-year-finish and made it superb. Thanks for everything!
We detailed the above 2006 Class B motorhome for Fred Arnow on 11/20/09 and his review of us follows: Hi Paul, I wanted to thank you and your crew for the quick response and Outstanding (with a capital "O") detailing service on our new toy; a previously owned Pleasure-Way Excel class B motorhome. You arrived exactly on time and completed the job in the four hours you told me it would take. Your price was exactly as quoted and the RV looks better than the brand new ones I went to see before buying mine. In fact, your detail work was on par with the show detail we used for auto shows when I was the Merchandising Manager for Lexus Corporate. In a word; PHENOMENAL! The crew you brought was very professional and very hard working. I like that they were also engaging and pleasant. It was obvious that all of you had been working together for a long time, and that showed as they divided up the chores and completed their tasks. It was also noticeable that you were employing only US citizens, and I appreciated paying a fair price for outstanding value and service. Paul, you can rest assured that I will eagerly advise everyone in my social and professional circles that you are the only provider they will ever need whenever they detail anything on wheels!