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Boat Detail

When Detailing your boat, we'll generally start by washing the exterior and scrubbing and cleaning the trailer (where applicable) and the entire cockpit at the same time; this includes the seats & upholstery, carpets and/or hard floor, cup holders, instrument panel, bait station, all EMPTY storage spaces under the seats, ski locker, and anything else that makes sense. The cabin of your boat, gets a brief cleaning (if needed and requested) if it's a trailered boat; shampoo the carpet, wipe down hard surfaces, etc. The cabin/salon is NOT included when we detail your boat in the water due to the increased difficulty of doing a boat in the water. We mainly concentrate our efforts on the exterior and cockpit for boats in the water, although interior detailing, as well as engine room cleaning for your boat or yacht can be done at a reasonable extra cost.

We use the very finest of polish and buffing compounds designed specifically for fiberglass to bring out the shine of your boat. This is of course is followed by a thick, even coat of either a marine grade Carnauba paste wax, or a Carnauba/Hi-Tech blend fortified with UV inhibitors. Fiberglass takes much more abuse than your car's paint, and I highly recommend you call us to polish and wax your boat even before it "looks like it needs it" for the best, most desireable results and protection. Heavily and even moderately oxidized boats are often difficult to bring back when allowed to deteriorate for too long and colored fiberglass that is oxidized always needs to be buffed at least twice; once to remove oxidation and once again to remove swirls and bring out the brilliant shine.

Lastly, all of your stainless steel is polished, non-skid flooring is scrubbed, rust stains are removed or reduced, the outboard motor (where applicable) gets the head of it buffed and waxed, the tires of your trailer and all interior vinyl seats and upholstery get 303 Aerospace Protectant applied to them, and wax is removed from cracks and crevices. Windows are sparkled clean. Have I left anything out? Let me know, and we'll take care of it.

Trailered boats and boats that are in the water get somewhat different treatment, and are priced differently due to the increased difficulty of detailing a boat in the water, and time spent on the job. Call or email me now for an estimate. I'll need to know the size, year, make/model, the accurate condition and location of the boat in order to give a reasonably close estimate. (800)774-4637 or PaulBurner@LightningDetail.com

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The above photos are of a 1999 19' Chaparral boat. The boat's  bottom, and all the way up to the water line had a very thick algae stain; it  looked like rust. It was one of the worst we'd ever seen, and a hell of a struggle, but we were successful in removing all of it. The boat owner was elated, and our efforts were rewarded with a $100. tip!

 As you can see from the above photos, we see some pretty crazy stuff. Now you have to know that there just aren't many detailers that can clean and detail the kind of things I've posted here. I am proud to be known as a 'problem solver,' and I truly >enjoy what I do. Sure, I enjoy doing the "easy stuff" like luxury cars and classic cars,but those jobs are a breeze to do, and don't really give me as much of a challenge.I welcome the opportunity to detail a classic car or luxury car, though. It's a welcome change from getting my butt kicked by boats like the ones in the photos above!!

The above photos are of a 1996 26' Sea Ray boat we detailed in 2009. This was one of the more difficult jobs we've done because it was not only black, but very heavily oxidized. Can you imagine how hard it was to detail without leaving swirl marks from the buffer? As you can see, we made her shine like a brand new dime, and swirl free! You can even see the colors of the grass and flowers. (800)774-4637 Call us now!