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Boat Detail

When we Detail a big rig truck or trailer, it's much the same as a typical auto detail. The main difference being the size of the job and the extra added equipment we need to bring. I have ladders ranging from a 4' step ladder to a 12' step ladder, two 16' extension ladders, and a complete aluminum scaffolding system on wheels that's great for using while buffing 53' big rig cargo trailers. We routinely detail the big, tough jobs that our competitors can only wish they could do. Few of them carry the size, quality, and the amount of ladders I carry. On a daily basis, I carry one four footer, a six footer, and two eight footers on a ladder rack atop my van. All are fiberglass, and rated at 250 to 300 lbs. each. I bring the others when needed.

Along with the proper ladders, a different type of buffing pad must be used on big rig trucks and trailers for at least two reasons; the rivets on the body of the trailer will rip a foam pad to shreds in minutes, and they don't create enough friction and heat to properly do the job, anyway. Foam pads are just fine for dark colored luxury cars, but they fail in comparison to the buffing pads I use on rigs, trailers, boats, and RVs. Knowing what to use and when, comes from the 26 years of experience I have, along with being in business for 23 years. I'll be willing to bet that we detail more rigs, trailers, RVs, and boats in a month than other detailers do all year; so why trust yours to someone with far less experience? We'll take good care of you, and get the job done right the first time.

If you'd like to see a short video of us Detailing a 53' trailer, [ CLICK HERE ] (Movie Size: 3 Meg).

If you'd like to see a photo gallery of some of the rigs and trailers we've done recently, [ CLICK HERE ]. dot_clear.gif - 0.0 K
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Sandberg Furniture Mfg. Co in Vernon is one of our favorite clients. We detail eight 53' trailers for them, four 48 footers, and eight 28 footers that we put two of them end-to-end and buff and wax both of them, one after the other. Don't mess with us! We carve `em up like Thanksgiving turkey!!


The above rig is owned by Chris Forsberg Racing and we've done this rig a few times now. I wonder if the "weekly carwash guys" or the "discount guys" could handle this.
I detailed this rig all by myself one day, and the owner loved it so much that he had my crew and I back the next day to detail his personal trucks, as well as his attorney's car. We've also done his 1929 Ford, 1937 Dodge, and a few others I can't recall.
I can't even count the number of times we detailed this truck and trailer for Saleen Racing back in the day when the TV show "Home Improvement" was popular. They've long since cancelled the show, and this truck and trailer have been sold. Fond memories...