Auto Detailing Services

No matter what we are doing to your car, truck, boat, RV, or trailer, the techniques we use are what help us stay ahead of the other guys. We have quite simply developed a system to do a great job faster and do it more thoroughly than anyone else. That is but one of our goals. We are best known for being problem solvers, and it is truly what we do best.

Wash and Hand Wax

We’ll wash your vehicle from the top down, removing dirt, bugs, and road film. A clay bar treatment is not offered, included, or recommended when performing a simple wash and wax, as the contaminants soon become embedded in the clay or decontamination sponge and damage the paint with micro scratches.

These micro scratches would be hidden by the wax but become exposed again as the wax deteriorates. Excessive road tar, hard water spots, tree sap, tree funk, or other issues could be solved at a reasonable added cost.

Your vehicle is never dried with towels, which can leave fine scratches, particularly on dark-colored cars. We only use a large synthetic chamois, which leaves no marks and dries your car like nothing else. We highly recommend you buy them if you own a dark-colored car, and we can tell you where to buy them.

Keep them in your trunk in a plastic bag, which will keep them damp. Never use them while dry and stiff. They can be washed in a washing machine when needed, and this only improves their performance. It takes a while to break them in, so be patient. The payoff will be well worth it.

Your tires and rims are cleaned, and a UV rubber treatment (not a dressing) is applied to your tires. Your interior is vacuumed (trunk included) and dusted with a damp towel. Door and trunk jambs are wiped, and all windows are made to sparkle inside and out.

We’ll apply a Carnauba-based, high-tech blend of wax by hand and give it time to cure before removing it with soft microfiber towels. Excess wax is removed from cracks and crevices, and windows are cleaned inside and out.

Dirty floor boardA Clean Car Floor Mat

Exterior Detail

We begin each car, van, or truck detail by cleaning the tires, rims, and wheel wells and washing the entire vehicle from top to bottom. Your vinyl top or convertible roof, where applicable, is cleaned. We’ll also remove bugs, tar, road film, and minor pollution with a clay bar treatment at no extra charge. Excessive road tar, hard water spots, oxidation, pollution/industrial fallout, and paint overspray via a clay bar treatment are removed at a reasonable extra cost.

Following the wet work, we’ll machine buff (polish) your vehicle with the finest nonabrasive polish available. This polish is designed to be used in the hot, sunny part of the day and is excellent for use on dark-colored cars, trucks, and other painted vehicles. We have tried and used many different polishes, and none even come close to the products we use.

Boats and most RVs are made of fiberglass, and we use many different polishes, waxes, and compounds on them. Most other detailers are unaware that paint and fiberglass require different polishing chemicals, so they use the same for all. This is partly why our work looks so much better than theirs and lasts so much longer.

After the polishing, we wipe off the excess polish and then cover your car or truck with a Carnauba-based, high-tech blend of wax to give your car a deep, shiny luster that feels like silk and seals in the shine. While the wax is drying, we apply a non-silicone, non-solvent-based rubber treatment to your tires and all exterior rubber and plastic.

It is, in our experience and opinion, the absolute finest product made for the treatment and protection of rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather, and it looks great while actually giving true protection from the UV rays of the sun. We will be happy to share the name of this product when we come out to detail your vehicle. Nearly all other detailers simply use a shiny silicone-based dressing, not a treatment.

The difference is that a dressing only looks pretty but affords little or no protection. Some of these cheap dressings will actually attract harmful, damaging UV rays, which will cause your rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather to dry, crack, and wear out even faster. My grandfather always said, “You buy cheap…you get cheap.” I believe he was right.

After the application of rubber treatment, wax removal is next, as is the cleaning of all the windows inside and out. We’ll remove the wax from exterior cracks and crevices with specialized horsehair brushes. Your door jambs are cleaned, and the interior and trunk are vacuumed and briefly damp towel wiped and dusted unless we’ll be detailing your entire interior as well.

A Red Truck Parked on the Side of the RoadA Red Truck Parked on the Side of the Road

Interior Detail

A thorough vacuum is the first step in a complete interior detail. Of course, we always recommend you completely empty all your stuff out of the car prior to us getting there. That way, you’ll save us time, and saving us time usually means saving you money. We will then either use a shampoo/soil extractor, a simple hand shampoo and scrub brush-type cleaning method, or a combination of both. Either way, we are very thorough when it comes to detailing your interior.

We’ll clean the seats, carpet, under the seats, between the seats, the dash, door panels, instrument panel, air vents, steering wheel, center console, all of your buttons, knobs and switches, door jambs, and anything else you can think of. Some headliners will be spot-cleaned, while others will either be thoroughly cleaned. Some cannot be safely cleaned at all due to the delicate material or the spray glue that holds the headliner in place.

Your trunk always gets vacuumed and spot-cleaned if it’s not too full. Vinyl and/or leather treatments are applied to your interior vinyl and leather. All windows are made to sparkle inside and out, and an exterior car wash, tire and rim cleaning, and tire treatment are included. We also offer interior cleaning for RVs, trailers, big rig trucks, and boats.

A Dirty Car Floor MatsA Clean Car Floor Mat

Engine Cleaning, Degrease, and Detail

Engine cleaning is one of those things that hardly anyone is doing anymore due to environmental concerns, too many sensitive electronics, or because it’s just too messy and troublesome for the average guy to figure out. Many detailers will leave you with a greasy, oily mess, and your engine won’t start or run properly afterward. With over 35 years of experience cleaning engines in cars, trucks, boats, and RVs, you know you’ve found the right detailer.

We generally start by surveying the engine and covering all sensitive electronics and electrical connections with plastic bags. The engine should be as close to stone-cold as possible. We then use a biodegradable, water-based cleaner to loosen the heaviest grease, dirt, and oil. We follow that with a stream of high-pressure, cold water to loosen it further, followed by completely spraying your entire engine and compartment with a biodegradable solution that will remain a trade secret.

With a terrycloth towel and an appropriate brush, we’ll clean under the hood and as much of the engine and compartment as we can see and reach. We’ll rinse it and then inspect our work numerous times. When we’re happy, we’ll dry it off with a couple of towels and apply a rubber and plastic treatment to all your hoses and wires to keep them from drying out and cracking. Your engine will sparkle better than the new one. 

We highly recommend this if you’re going to sell your vehicle, just bought a used vehicle, looking for an oil leak, or cleaning up after one. When we are finished, nothing will be left behind on the ground except for a wet spot.

We could do an exterior detail with a complimentary interior vacuum, an interior detail with a complimentary car wash, a stand-alone engine detail, or any combination of these: interior/exterior Detail, exterior/engine detail, interior detail/hand wax, etc.

We’ll beat the discount guys any day of the week with the quality of our work. We want to come back again and again and have you feel good about referring us to friends and family. With over 35 years in business, you’ll find great reviews on us everywhere, and we do our best to live up to them all.

The Hood of the TruckThe Hood of the Truck