Top-Notch RV Detailing

To ensure your RV or trailer is in top condition for your next trip, Lightning Auto, Boat & RV Detail provides comprehensive RV detailing services in all cities of Orange County, CA and many other areas as well. We will clean and restore the shine of many types of vehicles from RVs, trailers of all types, and even big rig trucks and trailers. Our experts remove accumulated dirt, oxidation, tar, bugs, road film, tree sap, pollution, rail dust, and on every relevent surface, we’ll add a thick, even protective coat of UV absorbing paste wax or perhaps something else in order to deliver outstanding results.

As detailing professionals since November of 1989, we understand our customers’ struggle to keep an RV clean and well-maintained for years to come. That’s why we offer quality services, using top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products to ensure customer satisfaction, and we will also offer hints and tips for easy aftercare. Whether you own an RV, a trailer, a tow vehicle a big rig truck, contact our team for excellent big rig detailing today.

Interior and Exterior Services

Make your large vehicle look brand new with our extensive list of interior and exterior detailing solutions. Our exterior services focus on shining and protecting the fiberglass or paint by hand or machine, removing the polish and wax from cracks, and adding a Clay Bar treatment for surface contamination removal of the cab of your Class C RV or big rig truck. We will also apply a rubber treatment to your tires to feed the rubber, and provide a barrier from the UV rays of the Sun.

Meanwhile, our interior services include shampooing and conditioning the seats and carpet, detailing the driver and passenger station, as well as cleaning counter tops, disinfecting the bathroom, cleaning interior windows and sills, and so much more. We will customize your interior cleaning to suit your needs.

Get in Touch

Schedule your next appointment today. It’s recommended to invest in RV detailing services at least once or twice a year or after long trips. Accumulated road dirt and grime, and especially bugs from the road should always be removed ASAP upon arrival home.